Reachel's teardrop DAY 4

Today I had a meeting in town, but it was a great opportunity to get some footage for Eva Ferrell "singing from the stocks in the village square". She is her own costume dept and had to dress exactly the same as yesterday for continuity. Since she worked so hard so we could get the shots done in record time, her rewarded was a lobster ($20) to go op-shopping in town while I took the meeting. Come to think of it, she hasn't done too badly out of my op-shop cast offs - the ones I buy that are way too small, but am happy to just look at them and fondle the fabric in my wardrobe. Nice to see them on someone who actually fits into them.

It was very nerve-racking being dressed up and shooting a scene in town because I don't normally go out dressed up like that and people kept staring.When Annette was in the meeting for the first half hour I went op shopping and I got a lovely dress and a skirt with pockets I then got a little peckish so I had a custard tart at the bakery. It was good. Then I went and waited for another hour and half in the library where it is air conditioned.

We have some night shots to do tomorrow night because I left dinner too late, and Raechel was too tired to keep her eyes open. Too much swimming! It was a huge and exhausting day. Being an actress isn't as glamorous as it is cracked up to be when you have to do the same scene over and over again because the director is an idiot! Raechel isn't the only school project queen around here. Now that I have such fantastic footage, I'm learning to use Final Cut Pro to cut it all together. This is a lot easier said than done and I fear I may have to resort to reading the manual.

The dulcimer has its sides on and will be ready for sanding and varnishing tomorrow. And, between times, there is filming and reading and trying to stay cool. Very hot here at the moment.
The flowers round the sound holes are created using a compass. First you draw a circle. Then you move the centre of the compass point and put it on the circumference and make another circle the same size. The bit between them where they overlap is called the vesica piscis, and the petals of the flower are each one half of that almond shape. You repeat the process till you have 6 circle saround one in the middle. So, it is based on the hexagram.

In the afternoon we learnt the gentle art of duck roasting (in the French manner) and Geoff has a new song for us to learn while we still have the use of Kal's Harmony bass.

Butterfly class continues.

We put the duck in the oven then about 50 minutes later we took it out and drained the duck fat out and put stock in the pan. Then we let it  cook for a further 30 minutes, turing it over. We had potatoes which we cooked in water then made them crunchy in duck fat. We also had snow peas that we stir fried in a wok with sweet soy sauce (keycap manis). 

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