Raechel's teardrop DAY 6

We were pretty much stuffed form the nightshoot the previous evening which coincided with the edge of the big heatwave and it was just too hot for humans. Raechel put a second coat on the teardrop and we spent the rest of the day snoozing and swimming in preparation for the cool of evening when we would shoot a pickup of the pool shot and the dark garden, but when it came to just the right light for the shot - the camera ran out of juice because the director filed to charge the battery, and the back up camera had a memory problem. Universe was telling us that really, we had no reason to rush things and besides, Raechel needed and early night because in the morning I'd be driving her home.
But it's all cool - there is no frantic hurry. Raechel is coming back on Tuesday with her mum and dad for dinner and to see the War is Over video rough cut.

NB: Raechel:
Bad news  - had to ditch the bee idea. It wouldn't stick priorly, but the golden petals round the sound holes look great. We are still waiting for the fretwire and machine heads to arrive on monday and hope to have it all together so you can learn to string it and tune it on Wednesday.

What a week, what a hoot. Thanks Raechel. I had a fantastic time and I hope you did too.

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