Raechel's teardrop Day 5

It's really hot today and I have to be sanding my dulcimer. What a job. But I do get to go for a swim which is good and I'm eating ice cream too. Mmm....mango flavour, what a treat.
Have to remember to drink water. Geoffrey is about to start to show me how to varnish it, then I can paint it.

Actually, it is not ice-cream - it is Mango and yoghurt frozen - no sugar AT ALL! Except for the fruit. Got you a beauty.

The dulcimer is really starting to look very beautiful, with the first coat of varnish on now, all the grain in the wood is accentuated and even though the back is just garden variety ply, it is very striking. There is a little block of silky oak on the end and in the headstock and they are really great little accents.

Myfriend came to visit. As usual, and the peewee is still at it, round and round the house without let up.

In the evening we did the night shots for the videos starring Raechel. She is at that amazing cusp between child and adolescent - shapeshifting from one to the other in a heartbeat. Sometimes a chubby-cheeked cherub, the next a willowy siren. Makes you realise that the way we look is just an illusion.

Kal came over in the evening to collect his bass and his Richenbacker and stayed to play. He took the War is Over files to add drums. Liked the clip starring Raechel.
still - dark garden

still from war is over

syill - dark garden

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