Raechel's Teardrop DAY 3

Stills from the Video Shoot
Eva Ferrell was a punk folk hero
ugly sweet songs from her father's garage
singing from the stocks in the village square
her mind really sharpened right there

ten dollar guitar from the claimant's union
make good art and sleep with your boots on
when she takes her armour off
you can finally see her heart
Angels disguised as devils in the light
they keep the holy up dancing all night
you can grin it and bear it for your goldilocks looks
on the side a line of smuggled books

Eva Ferrell, Eva Ferrell
a craft of hope on a sea of peril

Well, we didn't know we'd be doing this this today. Not sure at which point I thought a rock video would be fun to shoot - must have been the moment when Raechel got hold of that bass guitar and turned into a rock chic.  Long discussions about film making, continuity, lighting, narrative, media and how it is manipulated, how fake is hollywood and pop music, hair and makeup and how Raechel doesn't actually need any slap, because she has lovely skin and looks beautiful just the way she is. 

Eva Ferrell is a character in one of Geoff's songs - a stroppy little punk chick. The shoot was with that song in mind and tomorrow we are going to recreate the look and shoot a video for that as well as a song of mine, Evie, which is actually about Yvette Duncan - MTV VJ who lived in my house and went through many dud boyfriends during that time before she found the love of her life.

Today we also put down the final version of "War is Over". Last night we had a go, but since sleeping on it, it has really gone in there. We nailed the music in only a few takes, then Raechel did the vocals in about half a dozen takes. Very professional.

When it came to recording we just played the song over and over got it  perfect then I sang along with Geoffrey's voice. Then the next day I sang it by myself into the good microphone.

When we were shooting the part for singing I was standing outside the house with the bass and miming to my voice. The other things in the video will be me scaring ducks also there will be me falling over, and photos of my brother Drew who is in the army.

And side one of the dulcimer went on today. All seems to be on track without mishap. It's been a fair trade of time and energy - Geoff got a blast out of hearing his song sung in a new way and guiding Raechel through the recording process, and she gets the buzz of seeing her new instrument emerge into reality. 

Apart from all that, we somehow found time for a swimming lesson (butterfly) a story (Eros and Psyche) but I think I have broken both of them. They crashed out about 2 minutes after dinner.

Yes, I have been very tired lately but I have been having fun and it's amazing to see the dulcimer almost finished after the next side I will then sand it and then varnish it.

Still, you are keeping up the pace Raechel - go girl.

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