First cab off the rank

Brand spanking new video clip for Macksville is the first finished song off the new album - not engineered or anything posh like that, but basically how the song sounds recorded in the manner of the Front Room Tapes.

However, the front room tapes is about to get a high end makeover! We recently met Kalju Tonuma who is now a neighbour, has an impressive production CV as long as your arm and is going to record us in our very own front room! I'm so excited I can barely breathe.

Anyway, I shot this on the way back from Sydney last year. We had the song, and I guess I must have had it lurking in my head as I pointed the camera. It's made on a CannonIXUS 1000 HS. Miraculaously, it all fitted together with minimal editing.

I love this song - ambiguous, but the evocation of the emotion of being half way there is so spot on.

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