The hall in the title of the project refers to the beautiful, acoustically lovely School of Arts halls in all the little towns dotting the Sunshine Coast hinterland. I have a plan to tour these halls to coincide with the launch of our forthcoming CD, and the launch of Geoff's new book of poetry.

Literature is my profession – the thing I do for food and shelter - but music is my first true love. In this, I am an amateur (lover). For many people music is not passive. Rather, its enjoyment centres on the inexplicable, time-consuming desire to make that body-tingling noise - at first alone, then eventually in ensemble. I heard a statistic once that showed that on any afternoon, more Australian kids are practising music than sport.

As soon as I arrived to live here in 2004, that desire sent me out looking for music. I love to sing and found a community choir had just been formed to perform at the Pomona Cavalcade, a small and quite lovely community festival that I wish was still going – it was terrific to have been part of it. Best of all, the choir persists as the Pomona Choir with a hard core of original members. They are great amateur singers and in their performances you can hear the thousands of hours they've dedicated to their passion.

Another sound that can lure me out of my garden is Louise King's Cello Choir. You have no idea how extraordinary it is to play in an ensemble of 20+ cellos. To participate, I'd drive down to the cutest little hall of all at Eudlo to play in ensemble with her cello students.

The Hall Crawl is an opportunity for amateur performance to anyone who would like to join us. All you have to do is learn to learn a song/s or instrumental parts to a selection from our repertoire, and come on board.

At this stage, performance dates are yet to be arranged, but if you would like to be involved with this community arts project and be kept informed, contact Annette on (07) 5447 7063 or by email, or simply follow this blog to stay posted.

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