I don't like it - Please explain?

  • Got turfed off stage at Coolum "folk" club last night. This has not happened to me since 1977 when William Crawford is in Complete Control did "she's got herpes" at the Mosman Hotel. Not sure why it was exactly, they didn't tell us. The venue was an RSL maybe it was Homeland Borderland Wasteland or Annette's Mother of God? Was pissed off at the time. As I was packing up the gear we won the seafood plate raffle so that was some consolation. Pity because the set was heading somewhere..but we never got to the redemption songs.
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      • David Studdert Geoffrey -- fantastic story -- welcome to the music business
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      • Geoffrey Datson we had a fantastic gig last week in Sydney for the launch of El Duende's CD so from one extreme to the other in 5 days. I sometimes forget that I am living in Queensland.
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      • Dan McAloon ‎"All the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda"
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      • Annette Hughes Nah - fkn Christians I reckon. Jeeze - there's nothing in the song that you can't hear in the ABC. Fkn Christians should grow some balls.
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      • Annette Hughes From now on I am officially a fundamentalist Atheist. I am going to do that sone EVERYTIME I get the opportunity. FK off godbotherers. There - that feels better.
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      • John Willsteed at our age this is impressive! kudos to you . . . from north lakes to gympie is halfwit christian heartland
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      • Dale Caldwell Oh my goodness -is it 2011 or 1971 up there? Amazing....and quite impressive of you both I think!
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      • Dan McAloon I feel a song coming on called Pokie Bludgers
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      • James Crawford That's terrible Geoffrey, but as you commented, we are in Qld. Qld were the director of the Contempory Art Centre in Cairns refused to hang a Reg Mombassa painting untill it had been censored to hide the penus.
        11 hours ago · 

      • David Messer You should be proud to have been chucked off stage. Obviously your song hit the mark. But what's a penus?
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      • Mohsen ss some people can't hear the truth, and they want to live in a fantasy world
        10 hours ago · 

      • Charlie Bunt omg !
        9 hours ago · 

      • James Crawford David Messer, it was a typo, I am sure you knew what it meant PENIS
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      • Des Wade Hey Geoff and Annette - my heart goes out to you - how disappointing - and a 'folk' event at that! From the sublime to the intolerant in 5 short days. Although it would seem that someone was listening - whether they heard is another matter.
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      • Charlie Bunt yes you have to see it as a good omen. i remem when we 1st started out with puppets a snooty christian school gave us hell and after that we were warmly received by all. diff courses for horses and thankfully the odd neg in the minority.
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      • Geoffrey Datson the issue is some confused convergence of RSL & Christian belief. At our table there had already been skewed philosophical (ha!) debate about the state funding of Christian schools before we started the set. I was a fool to imagine there would be room in that scene for us & am quite happy to find somewhere else to play . Annette correctly sees it as a discrimination issue and won't be leaving it there that at all.
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      • Annette Hughes Grrrrrrrr
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