This is very new - the lyrics have been kicking around for ages, but the music has grown recently since my new little apple creek dulcimer arrived - cherrywood with f holes, and it sounds beautiful with Geoff's larger bodied hand made silky oak dulcimer.

Still a little unsure of it, but the arrangement is working out OK.

We were going to give it an airing at the Yandina songwriters' night last night, but it was totally the wrong place to try out such a tenuous song, so we just went with comic relief. I thought it was going to be just a bit of a quiet corner in a cafe, but it turned out to be full on production and we found ourselves sandwiched between Pixil, an all girl soft punk three piece and a squeegwawing rock duo - Odin's Run!!! Poor Hari Bandar, the production guy had to mic them down and mic us up. He was astonished by the fact that we have no pickups on our acoustic instruments. I'm not entirely sure why they call guitars acoustic when they're wired for sound. And what's with the weird fashion of having a capo clipped to the end of your guitar? Who started that little style statement? I was always under the impression that needing a capo meant that you were a crap musician who couldn't manage bar chords - now it's practically a little black dress!

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