Musical collaborators Geoffrey Datson and Annette Hughes form the acoustic
folk/alt counry duo DATSON + HUGHES.

On recordings they play a range of instruments, from cello to bird whistle, but
in live performance, they play predominantly on hand made dulcimers and
banjos, fashioned by Geoffrey, who has been making his own instruments for
the past thirty years.

The duo formed to perform their own new material and give voice to Datson’s
vast back catalogue of songs and poetry written since the early eighties.

While the live performance resembles the "folk" of traditional instruments and
styles, it is also folk in the sense of home-made, uncompromising and free from commercial ambition, harking back to something Alan Lomax might have captured, but also recalling the deadpan experiments of the Velvet Underground. Using Biblical language and the mythology of the ancient world juxtaposed with crappy cars and the detritus of the inner city life, DATSON+HUGHES makes music as “it was originally dreamed of”.

Small room with good acoustics - no amplification required.
Larger room. mic 2 instruments and 2 voices

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